Tree Trimming & Removal / Stump Removal

While most forest trees grow just fine on their own landscape trees often require pruning to maintain their aesthetics, safety and health.

Aesthetics: pruning a tree effectively helps maintain its shape and appearance. Unpruned trees can grow unevenly or sprout unwanted branches.

Safety: dead or broken branches and limbs can fall at any time and cause damage to property and/or individuals, and should be removed promptly upon notice.

Health: it is sometimes possible to save an infected tree by strategically pruning away affected branches and limbs. It takes an expert to know how much to cut, and where.

Improper tree pruning can cause damage that can shorten the tree’s life or cause it to grow unnaturally. At Backyard Utopia, we know how to properly prune your trees to achieve maximum beauty, safety and health.

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We also provide tree removal and stump removal or grinding services.

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