Retaining Walls / Boulders / Borders

Boulders can add points of interest to your landscape and serve as a backdrop for plantings. But, you need a practiced eye to properly place them for maximum impact.

Backyard Utopia is known for our use of boulders and natural stone in our landscapes, as both decorative additions and in retaining walls and borders.

Many homeowners prefer the natural look of a “dry” stone wall to surround a garden or enhance an entry. This method does not use mortar to hold the stones together, allowing them to shift slightly in response to frost heaves.

But, creating an eye-pleasing stone wall requires the proper preparation and careful selection and placement of the stones.

Another method is to use boulders to create your wall or border. Boulders add a natural beauty to any property while helping to prevent erosion and adding privacy.

Whether you want to enhance your landscape with individual boulders, build a dry-stacked wall or create an impressive boulder border, Backyard Utopia can provide the correct type, color and size stone or boulders to create a lasting impression.

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